Chile & Wellness Break Welcome Leonardo D’Almagro

Based in Santiago, Chile, Wellnes Break is well known for promoting a healthy life style and activities. Wellness Break has become a powerhouse in the market due to their connections with sports figures and majors brands.

Recently they opened a new division for other brands including fashion. Thanks to this expansion they are now representing Jewelry Designer Leonardo D’Almagro in Chile.

Marcelo Gálvez & Carla Gonzalez said, “To have Leonardo D’Almagro’s jewelry line as part of our elite client list is another great accomplishment for our company; we couldn’t be more excited!” 

Leonardo D’Almagro replied, “I’m so honored to be able to introduce my jewelry line in Chile represented by the Wellness Break team." 


For more information contact to address your request about Leonardo D’Almagro jewelry line for the Chile region.

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